Ahad, 27 Mac 2011


Bismillah walhamdulilah...

Assalamualaikum wbt... Alhamdulillah,, selama 2 hari berperang dgn perasaan utk menghadiri finishing school, hari ini hari terakhir... Alhamdulillah walaupun ana pergi pada hari pertamanya kerana terpaksa, (sebab ana banyak kerja plus asignment, thesis y xsiap, experiment y xsiap,slide persentatation xtengok lahi, xprepare utk slide seminar).. all those things make me become a little bit lazy or heavy to not to go for that finishing school that was located just behind my house at kompleks akedemik A. for the first day i had been there, i was really stressed surrounding by friends that more talented in speaking english very well and also friends that can give a very good ideas, friends that can do a very interesting presentation without feeling nervous. how much i jealous with them... it's not like i don't feel grateful for become as who i am know, it just that how i wish to have some additional values in myself like them. but only 1 little thing that my friend always told me, "mas, u need to be what u are, do expect or compare urself with others. i will make u feel stress and feel like nothing about urself. if u urself not appreaciate for what u have, who do u think that will appreaciate u more??" love urself mas." ya, i always remember that thing. i do not need to compare myself with them. i believe that people in this world come from various background and characteristics... so that it's not fair to compare like that. i came from a family that does not speak english all the time, an hence my parents speak Javanese at home. so it's that my fault not be good in english. NO, thats not my fault. i'm not taking degree in english comunication... so, do i deserve to be weak in english? Yes, i deserve because english is really not my field. and futhermore, in this country called malaysia, people always talk in malay, not really practising english as their mother tongue language. as a conclusion, i'm not denying that english is very a very important nowadays in this really stressfull world. i do agree if someone said that english is important for us to find a job because maybe people out there have make english as no 1 language in this world. but still i do not blame myself for being weak in this language. BUT, i do need to improve myself in term of adding some value into myself.

Actuaaly for the first day, i really didn't like to be there. but after i get home and ask for Allah help, the next day was a quiet good day for me. as during presentation i didn't slip my tongue to say her rather than him for a male.haha.

thats all i want to share, sorry for my broken english... i do not ashamed for speaking english with broken grammar. as it is not mother tongue. so what??? hehe..


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